Math Quiz Syllabus

 Day1 Ch1 Number system including Real, rational, irrational, irrational, natural whole prime

 Day2 Ch1 Properties of Real no, complex number,

 Day3 Ch1 Full chapter, theory including examples

 Day4 Ch2 Theory about sets

 Day5 Ch2 All symbolic logic and their use

 Day6 Ch2 Functions + groups and their types

 Day7 Ch3 Matrices and its all types

 Day8 Ch3 Determinants and their properties

 Day9 Ch3 System of linear equations and methods of solution

 Day10 Ch4 Quadratic equation and methods of solutions

 Day11 Ch4 Types of quadratic equation, properties of cube root of unity

 Day12 Ch4 Synthetic division, discriminant, Remainder and factor theorem

 Day13 Ch5 Partial fraction, Rational Fraction and its types

 Day14 Ch6 Methods to solve partial fractions

 Day15 Ch6 Sequence types of sequences A.P, A.M, Arithmetic series

 Day16 Ch6 G.P, G.M, Geometric series

 Day17 Ch6 H.P and H.M relation between A.M G.M H.M

 Day18 Ch7 Permutation, Factorial

 Day19 Ch7 Combinations probability

 Day20 Ch8 Principle of mathematical induction + definitions

 Day21 Ch8 Binomial theorem up to Ex# 8.2

 Day22 Ch9 Concept of Radia, degree and conversion from radian to degree

 Day23 Ch9 Angles and its types, fundamental identities

 Day24 Ch9 Values of trigonometric functions, at different angles + Ex#9.4

 Day25 Ch10 Fundamental laws of trigonometry, application of identities

 Day26 Ch10 Double angle identities, half angle identities, triple angle identities

 Day27 Ch10 Sum, Difference and product of sines and cosines

 Day28 Ch11 Domain and Range of All trigonometric functions

 Day29 Ch11 Periods of all trigonometric functions

 Day30 Ch12 Solutions of right angle triangle up to Ex # 12.2

 Day31 Ch12 Half angle Formula, laws of sine, cosine, tangents

 Day32 Ch12 Oblique triangle solutions up to Ex#12.6

 Day33 Ch12 Area of triangle, Circles connected with triangle up to ex#12.8

 Day34 Ch13 Inverse trigonometric functions their domain and range

 Day35 Ch13 Addition and subtraction formulas

 Day36 Ch14 Solution of trigonometric equation only (Ex#14.1)

 Day37  Ch# 1 to 5

 Day38 Ch# 6 to 8

 Day39 Ch# 9 to 11

 Day40 Ch# 12 to 14

 Day41 Ch# 1 to 6

 Day42 Ch# 7 to 10

 Day43 Ch# 11 to 14

 Day44 Full book

 Day45 Full book

Physics Quiz Syllabus

Ch1 April6 i) Base and derived quantities (ii) prefixes (iii) SI units

Ch1 April7 (i) Scientific notation (ii) Measurement and uncertainty (iii) Significant figures

Ch1 April8 (i) Dimensions, quantities their units

Ch2 April9 (i) Rectangular Components (ii) Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication of a vector

Ch2 April10 (i) Unit Vector, Non vector, Parallel vector, vector addition by its components

Ch2 April11 (i) Scalar Product, Vector Product

Ch2 April12 (i) Torque, Equilibrium

Ch3 April13 Vector and Scalars Displacement Velocity, Acceleration Force

Ch3 April14 1st law 2nd law 3rd law of Newton

Ch3 April15 Momentum, force and momentum, elastic and inelastic collision

Ch3 April16 Projectile motion, height time, Range, Ballistic missile, Rocket propulsion

Ch4 April17 work, types, work done due to constant force

Ch4 April18 Work done by variable force work done by gravitational force

Ch4 April19 Absolute P.E Escape Velocity Tables (interesting information)

Ch4 April20 inter-conversion of K.E and P.E work energy principle sources of Energy

Ch5 April21 Circular motion angular Displacement angular velocity and acceleration

Ch5 April22 Centripetal force, Rotational K.E For Disc, for Hoop

Ch5 April23 Moment of inertia, Angular momentum Law of conservation of Angular momentum

Ch5 April24 Real and apparent weight, artificial gravity, orbital velocity

Ch5 April25 Geostationary satellites, communication satellites newton and Einstein views about gravity

Ch6 April26 Dynamic, Viscosity Drag force stoke’s Law

Ch6 April27 terminal Velocity, Fluid flow and its types Equation of continuity

Ch6 April28 Bernoulli’s equation its applications blood flow

Ch7 April29 Oscillation, SHM, (Related Terms)

Ch7 April30 Mass spring system, SHM and Uniform Circular motion

Ch7 May1 Horizontal mass spring system all related terms

Ch7 May2 conservation of Energy Damped Oscillation Resonance and its application

Ch8 May3 Waves its types

Ch8 May4 Speed of sound in air effect of pressure, temp, Density upon sound

Ch8 May5 Principle of superposition, interference, beats

Ch8 May6 stationery waves, stationery waves in organ pipe (open, close end)

Ch8 May7 Doppler’s affect and its applications

Ch9 May8 Introduction, Wavefront, Hygen’s Principle condition for interference

Ch9 May9 Young’s Double slit experiment

Ch9 May10 Thin film, Newton’s Rings

Ch9 May11 Diffraction of light, slu and diffraction grating  

Ch9 May12 X-ray diffraction Michelson’s experiment, polarization

Ch10 May13 near and far point, Magnification, simple microscope

Ch10 May14 Compound microscope, Telescope spectrometer

Ch10 May15 Speed of light fiber optic principle

Ch10 May16 Transmission of signal, types of fiber, Power Losses

Ch11 May17 Kinetic M theory, pressure of gas boyel’s Law charle’s Law

Ch11 May18 interpretation of Temp, 1st Law of thermodynamic internal Energy

Ch11 May19 2nd law of Thermodynamic, Heat Engine carnot Engine and cycle

Ch11 May20 Petrol Engine, Diesel Engine, Entropy

Chemistry Quiz Syllabus


Day 1 to 4 .          (1......23)       (1...6),(2....12),(13....18),(19....23)


Chapter 01 basic concept


Day  5 to 8.         (30......37).     (30...32),(33...34),(35..36)..(37)


Chapter 02


Day 9 to 12.        (40........75).     (40...48),(49...5),(57..75)


Chapter 03


Day  13 to 16.      (81.......111).   (81..89),(90...96),(97...104),(105...111)


Chapter 04


Day 17  to 20.      (118......148).   (118...125),(126...132),(133....140),(140...148)


Chapter 05


Day   21st to 24th .   (155....191).  ((155...164),(165....174),(175...184),(185...191)


Chapter 06


Day 25th to 28th .    (195.....209).  




Chapter 07


Day 29th to 32nd .    (214.....245)




Chapter 08


Day 33rd to 36th .     (251.....278)




Chapter 09


Day 37th to 40th .      (284.....304)




Chapter 10


Day 41st to 43rd .      (1........111)




Chapter   01,03,04


Day 44th to 45th .     (118....209)

Chapter  05,06,07  

Computer Quiz Syllabus

 Day 1 

 Chapter 1      Keyboard and Monitor

Day 2
Chapter 1    Software  , Printer

 Day 3

 Chapter 1   Source Data Entry Devices , Input Devices

 Day 4

 Chapter 1    SDLC ,Plotter ,Fax Machine

 Day 5

 Chapter 2    Topology ,Client and Server model ,peer to peer model

 Day 6

 Chapter 2    LAN , WAN , MAN

 Day 7

 Chapter 2  Modem ,Component of LAN

 Day 8

 Chapter no 2   Network Protocol ,Devices used to connect network of computer .

 Day 9

 Chapter 3   Data Communication  , Signal and Types

 Day 10

 Chapter 3    Coding Schemes ,Types of Data

 Day 11

 Chapter 3    Data Transmission mode , (Serial , Parallel , Transmission)

 Day 12

 Chapter 3   (Asynchronous , Synchronous transmission)  ,Guided media

 Day 13

 Chapter 3    Unguided Media

 Day 14

 Chapter 4    Complete chapter  .(chapter no 4)

 Day 15

 Chapter 5   Computer architecture , RAM , ROM

 Day 16

 Chapter 5    Registers , Fetch Decode and Execute cycle of CPU

 Day 17

 Chapter 5    Operating system  ,Ports

 Day 18

 Chapter 5   BUS , Programming Languages

 Day 19

 Chapter 6    Types of Virus ,Causes of Virus , Computer Security

 Day 20

 Chapter 6    Security threats ,Backup

 Day 21

 Chapter 6    LAW ,Antivirus ,Password

 Day 22

 Chapter 7   Complete Chapter

 Day 23

 Chapter 10   Complete Chapter

 Day 24

 Chapter 1    Keyboard ,Printer , Input Devices

 Day 25

 Chapter 1   Monitor , Source Data Entry Devices

 Day 26

 Chapter 1 SDLC ,Plotter ,Fax Machine ,Software ,I.T

 Day 27

 Modem ,LAN ,WAN ,MAN

 Day 28

 Chapter 1  Complete

 Day 29

 Chapter 2 Complete

 Day 30

 Signal , Modem ,Communication media

 Day 31

 Chapter 3 Complete

 Day 32

 Chapter 4 Complete

 Day 33

 RAM,ROM,Register ,Bus

 Day 34

 Fetch ,Decode ,Programming Languages

 Day 35

 Chapter 5 Complete

 Day 36

 Virus ,antivirus , Backup ,Security Threats

 Day 37

 Chapter 6 Complete

 Day 38

 Chapter 7 Complete

 Day 39

 Chapter 10 complete

 Day 40

 Chapter 01,02,03

 Day 41

 Chapter    04,05,06

 Day 42

 Chapter    07,10,02

 Day 43

 Chapter   01 to 05

 Day 44

 Chapter 06 to 10

 Day 45

 Full Book


Biology Quiz Syllabus

 Chapter, 01

 Day 1:

 Ø  Biology and some major field of specialization

 Ø  Level of biological organization

  Day 2:

Ø  Living world in time

 Ø  Biology and the service of mankind

 Day 3:

 Ø  Protection and conservation of environment

 Ø  +Exercise

 Chapter, 02

 Day 4:

 Ø  Introduction to Biochemistry

 Ø  Importance of carbon

 Ø  Importance of water

 Day 5:

 Ø  Carbohydrates

 Ø  Lipids

 Ø  Proteins

 Day 6:


 Ø  Conjugated molecules

 Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter, 03

 Day 7:

 Ø  Enzymes introduction

 Ø  Characteristics of enzymes

 Ø  Mechanism of enzyme action

 Day 8:

 Ø  Factors Affecting the rate of enzyme action

 Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter, 04

 Day 9:

 Ø  Emergence and application of cell theory

 Ø  Structure of a generalized cell up to cytoplasm

 Day 10:


Ø  Endoplasmic Reticulum

 Ø  Ribosomes


Ø  Golgi apparatus

 Ø  Lysosomes

 Day 11:

 Ø  From Peroxisomes up to end of exercise

 Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter, 05

 Day 12:

 Ø  Nomenclature

 Ø  Two to five kingdom classification systems

 Day 13:

 Ø  Viruses up to end

Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter, 06

 Day 14:

Ø  Discovery of Bacteria

 Ø  Occurrence of bacteria

 Ø  Structure of bacteria

Day 15:

 Ø  Importance of bacteria

 Ø  Use and Misuse of Antibiotics

 Day 16:

 Ø  Characteristics of cyanobacteria

 Ø  Nostoc

 Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter, 07

 Day 17:

 Ø  Historical perspective

 Ø  Major groups of Protista

 Day 18:

 Ø  Diatoms

 Ø  Fungus like protists

 Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter, 08

 Day 19:

 Ø  The body of fungus

 Ø  Nutrition in fungi

 Ø  Reproduction

 Day 20:

 Ø  Classification of fungi

 Ø  Land Adaptations of fungi

 Day 21:

 Ø  Importance of fungi

 Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter, 09

 Day 22:

 Ø  Classification of plantae

 Ø  Division bryophyte

 Ø  Adaptation to land habitat

 Day 23:

 Ø  Classification

 Ø  Division Tracheophyta

 Ø  Psilopsida

 Day 24:

 Ø  Evolution of leaf

 Ø  Lycopsida

 Ø  Sphenopsida

 Ø  Pteropsida

 Day 25:

 Ø  Evolution of Seed Habitat

 Ø  Life cycle of angiosperm plant

 Day 26:

 Ø  Seed formation

 Ø  First 4- families

 Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter 10

Day 27:

 Ø  Introduction

 Ø   Development of complexity in animals

 Ø  Grade radiate

 Ø  Grade bilateria

 Day 28:

 Ø  Parazoa

 Ø  Grade radiate

Ø  Grade bilteria Up to mollusca

 Day 29:

 Ø  From mollusca up to end

 Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter 11

 Day 30:

 Ø  Conversion of solar energy into chemical energy

 Ø  Chloroplasts

 Ø  Photosynthetic pigments

 Day 31:

 Ø  Light, the driving energy

 Ø  Role of CO2

 Ø  Reaction of photosynthesis before respiration

 Day 32:

 Ø  From respiration up to end of chapter

 Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter 12:

 Day 33:

 Ø  Autotrophic nutrition

 Ø  Heterotrophic nutrition

 Day 34:

 Ø  Digestion and absorption

Day 35:

 Ø  Some common diseases related to nutrition

 Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter 13

 Day 36

 Ø  Gaseous exchange in plants

 Ø  Respiratory organs… birds

 Day 37

 Ø  Respiration in man

 Ø  Mechanics of voluntary and involuntary regulation of breathing….

 Ø  + Exercise

 Chapter 14

 Day 38

 Ø  Transports in plants

 Day 39

 Ø  Ascent of sap

 Ø  Types of respiration

 Day 40

 Ø  Transport in man

 Ø  Disorders

 Ø  + related MCQs in exercise

English Quiz Syllabus

 Day: 1.  ( Button + Use of Is,are,am)

 Day: 2.  ( The Rain + Use of was,were)

 Day: 3.  ( Clearing In The Sky + Use of can)

 Day: 4.  ( Night Mail + Use of has,have,had)

 Day: 5.  ( Dark They Were + Use of could)

 Day: 6.  ( Loveliest Of Trees + Use of should)

 Day: 7.  ( Thank You Ma'am + Use of Let)

 Day: 8.  ( O Where Are You Going + Use of may)

 Day: 9.  ( The Piece Of String + Use of will have)

 Day: 10.  ( In The Street Of The Fruit Stalls + Use of It)

 Day: 11.  ( The Reward + Use of Imperative sentences)

 Day: 12.  ( Sindhi Women + Use of Present Indefinite ( active/passive)

 Day: 13.  ( The Use Of Force + Use of Past Indefinite ( active/passive)

 Day: 14.  ( Times + Use of Future Indefinite ( active/passive)

 Day: 15.  ( The Gulistan Of Sadi + Use of Present Continuous ( active/passive)

 Day: 16.  ( Ozymandias + Use of Past Continuous ( active/passive)

 Day: 17.  ( The Foolish Quack + Use of Future Continuous ( active)

 Day: 18.  ( The Feed + Use of Present Perfect ( active/passive)

 Day: 19.  ( A Mild Attack Of Locusts + Use of Past Perfect ( active/passive)

 Day: 20.  ( The Hollow Man + Use of Future Perfect ( active/passive)

 Day: 21.  ( I Have A Dream + Use of Lest & So that)

 Day: 22.  ( Leisure + Use of Would)

Islamiat Quiz Syllabus


سلیبس اسلامیات لازمی(1st year)
دن17: بنیادی عقائد میں سے:    (توحید , رسالت)
دن18:  ملائکه,آسمانی کتابیں, آخرت پرایمان
دن19:  ارکان اسلام میں سے:
(زکوٰة, حج ,جهاد) (نماز , روزه)دن20:
(والدین کے حقوق , اولاد کے حقوق)دن21:  حقوق العباد
(میاں بیوی کے حقوق , استاد کے حقوق , همسائے کے حقوق)
(رشته داروں کے حقوق,غیر مسلموں کے حقوق, غلاموں کے حقوق)
دن24:  اخلاقِ حسنه:
(دیانتداری , ایفائے عهد , کسب حلال, ایثار)
(اخلاقِ رزیله, جھوٹ, غیبت, منافقت, تکبر, حسد)
دن26:اسوه حسنه
(رحمةاللعلٰمین, اخوت, مساوات)
(صبروشکر, عفو ودرگزر)
تعارفِ قراٰن مکمل
تعارفِ حدیث مکمل
(صحاحِ سته, اصولِ اربع)
(حدیث, قرآنی آیات)


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